Boot Camp ’22 @ Naval Base Basic School, Tema Newtown.

Another week and our Boot Camp ’22 train took us to the Naval Base Basic School, Tema Newtown.

Like always, the pupils were introduced to dozens of opportunities to pursue the most exciting career path in Information, Communication, and Technology.

Tips on how to keep yourself safe from predators while online and the all-exciting Scratch Coding were the icing on the cake.

By the close of the six (6) hour-long session of four (4) groups, the pupils came up with a simple animated game.

A challenge we had with Naval Base Basic School was the small size of their computer lab which necessitated us to divide the JHS into four (4) groups so that, we could reach a good student-laptop ratio. On this score, we appeal to individuals and groups who would like to donate laptops to aid us to reach a larger number in our next outreach.

Our goal is to take the interest in computer studies to every school-going child. #1Child1Laptop is on the cause.

Join the train as we make a stop at the Egyir Preparatory School, Tema Manhean later today.

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