Boot Camp ’22 @ Amen Basic School in Tema Newtown.

The next stop for our Boot Camp ’22 train was the Amen Basic School in Tema Newtown.

The visit saw us introduce the career opportunities in studying ICT, the vulnerabilities in the Cyberspace, and how we can keep ourselves safe even as we explore the internet.

The children were also taken through the basics of Scratch Coding where they built a very short game.

By the end of our three (3) hour program, the children did not even want to go for their lunch break. They wanted more of the tutorials.

This goes a long way to show the interest the children developed within our short moment there.

The next stop for our train is the Wonder Int’l School. My team and I are also excited and can’t wait to hit our next stop.

We appeal to individuals and groups who can support us with used laptops so that, we can achieve our #1Child1Laptop goal during tutorials.


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